Our Mission

To enrich the lives of aging adults living within our community by providing services that enhance the dignity and quality of their lives.

Commitment to our Communities

At Brandywine Valley Active Aging we are committed to capturing the stories of our neighbors to preserve the human history of the communities we serve, and we are committed to supporting our neighbors regardless of any changes, for better or worse, that affect the communities we serve.


Brandywine Valley Active Aging Creed

I am BVAA. I am ...

Beloved and Big-Hearted.

Valued and Valuable.

Active and Ambitious.

Appreciative and Accepting.



Our Story

Past, Present, and Future...

  • 1977


    Both the Coatesville and Downingtown Area Senior Centers date back to 1977, starting as “Meals Together” programs. For more than 40 years, the organizations would stand independently, serving the older adults of their respective communities.
  • 2020


    Inspired by the Coatesville Area Senior Center, Brandywine Valley Active Aging was born. Blending the two organizations into one lays a solid foundation for ensuring senior center services remain relevant and sustainable, now, and in the years to come.
  • 2023 and beyond


    Brandywine Valley Active Aging, launched in January 2021, will be the leading resource for older adults in the greater Coatesville and Downingtown communities. Brandywine Valley Active Aging envisions a just and caring community where everyone will feel valued, respected, and safe affording every individual the opportunity to live with dignity and purpose and to ensure equal access to positive, healthy aging.